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Stage One

Fertilization plus Crab Grass Control ( April/May)

Spring Icon As soon as spring weather permits we’ll apply an early season formulation of high-quality fertilizer plus a pre-emergent weed control that stops crabgrass before it can even get started. This application also controls other annual grasses and many types of annual broadleaf weeds and supplies the vital nutrients a healthy lawn needs for fast green-up.


Stage Two

Fertilization and Weed Control(May/June)

Spring IconWe apply a high nitrogen blend of controlled-release fertilizers and post-emergent herbicide in spring or early summer to keep your lawn green, thick and weed free. This application provides control of dandelions as well as many other weeds, and supplies the key nutrients needed to keep your lawn healthy and lush throughout the season.


Stage Three

Premium Lawn Food (June/July)

Summer IconOur high-quality lawn food provides generous amounts of nitrogen and potassium as well as sulfur and iron needed for a vigorous, healthy lawn. Nitrogen is supplied in two ways: an immediate-release for fast green up and slow release nitrogen for extended feeding and long-lasting vitality. This application also provides phosphorus to promote root growth and formulation. Also, surface feeding insects will be controlled as needed.


Stage Four

Fertilization and Weed Control (July/August)

Fall IconFall is a great time to promote additional root growth, and this application provides the necessary nutrients to accomplish this. We will also control any additional broadleaf weeds that appear.


Stage Five

Winterization (August to November)

Snow Icon

Fall fertilization prepares your lawn for winter survival by promoting disease resistance, food storage and strong root growth. This is one of the most critical times of the year for lawns which are about to become dormant for the winter period. Plus fall fertilization helps get your lawn off to a quicker start in the spring.


All Season

Monitoring Your Lawn throughout the Year

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Every time we visit your yard, an audit is performed. We are checking for effectiveness of previous treatments and the presence of disease or damaging insects. If a problem is spotted, we will not only let you know – we will also provide recommendations on how best to correct the problem.


Creating the perfect curb appeal takes a lawn care company that actually cares about your lawn. DreamGreen Lawn Care provides the highest quality lawn care service around.

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